Affordable Mortgages for the Self-Employed

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Working patterns are changing as an increasing number of us become self-employed, take on contract work or have more than one job. A job for life is no longer the norm. As a result, many people are experiencing difficulty in getting a mortgage from banks.

Self-employed mortgages are aimed at those who find it difficult to provide proof of income, whether they are fully self-employed or on a low income boosted by commission and bonuses. The mortgage requires less documentation so that those who have run their own business for just a year can get a loan.

At Sky Financial Corporation, we believe that there is no justification for penalizing the majority of the self- employed with increased premiums. Many of our self-employed clients have a proven track record and are able to make their mortgage payments despite the fact they may not have a definitive income.

The Mortgage Center understands the problems faced by self-employed individuals and offers affordable and flexible solutions that are specifically designed to match their needs.

For further details on our mortgage solutions, give us a call today for a free consultation 1-800-472-9791.



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We incorporated The Mortgage Centre-Sky Financial Corp. in August 1992 in Edmonton Alberta. Furthermore we opened offices in Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Stettler, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Prince George BC.

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