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A home equity loan is a loan or credit account in which homeowners borrow against the value accumulated in their home and property. Your home is your biggest asset and something you can fall back onto in difficult times.

The cost of borrowing money against the equity of your home is considerably cheaper than other loan options. If you are dealing with complex financial challenges such as unemployment, high credit card debt and overwhelming expenses a home equity loan may be the best solution for you.

Home equity loans are a good option for borrowers on a fixed rate who prefer knowing exactly how much they will owe each month. Applying for a home equity loan means that you will always have ready access to money. Adding to their appeal is that home equity loans are easy to obtain because the loan is secured by your property.

Home equity loans are the logical option versus credit card use. The home equity loan can also be a win-win situation for the client who wishes to consolidate their debt and to get back on track in fulfilling their long term financial and retirement goals. While the interest rate on credit cards is inflated, home equity loans offer a much smaller and regulated interest.

Sky Financial Corporation provides a lot of choices and built in flexibility for our clients who are able to choose from a variety of home equity loans with varying ranges in amounts and in loan to value rations and in rates.

With Sky Financial Corporation you can easily obtain a home equity loan or mortgage – we work to provide you with the best customer experience by eliminating unnecessary steps, costs and documentation requirements. 1-800-472-9791



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We incorporated The Mortgage Centre-Sky Financial Corp. in August 1992 in Edmonton Alberta. Furthermore we opened offices in Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Stettler, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Prince George BC.

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