Brad Geisler

Position: Mortgage Associate
Phone: 780-431-2786

Hi! Welcome to my web site! Here’s how I can help you… but first, here are
testimonials that have been sent to me:

G. T. says – Thanks again to Brad Geisler! This has been our second time using Brad
in getting a mortgage. I am pretty sure Brad knows everything when it comes to the
in’s and out’s of a mortgage. When time comes to renew, I am postive we will call
Brad for help again.
N. P. says – Brad did an amazing job. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable buying our
home without him. He explained everything to us in a straight forward and
knowledgeable way. I would most definitely refer my friends and colleagues to this
B.W. says – We are very pleased with the service we have received from our
mortgage specialist, Brad Geisler. We will definetly continue to use his services
ourselves as well as recommend him to our clients.
J. W. says – I had to pick something in item 6 above. In fact I switched from a broker
that mislead me about the mortgage terms and conditions. I checked out the Better
Business Bureau site and Skye had an excellent record.
C.M. says – I would not hesitate to use you in the future
A.H. says – We have used Brad Geisler for three of our personal mortgages. He has
always been very prompt to meet our needs and get us what we expect in a very
quick and timely fashion. Our latest mortgage was a refinance and Brad exceeded
our expectations by getting us the interest rate we were looking for in a very short
time. We are very happy with the service we received and would recommend Brad
Geisler to any of our friends and family.

Personal Stuff:

My background is 1 year at University of B.C. (I passed just fine but discovered I
wasn’t ready for academia – way back then), 5 years as a carpenter followed by over
20 years as a real estate agent, 8 months working in the financial planning field
(found out this was not my cup of tea!), and now over 9 years experience as a
Mortgage Associate (wish I’d found this profession years sooner!).

What have I learned along the way? To listen, learn, and understand. Then with this
information I will provide advice, educate, and provide a level of service and best
solutions that will keep you calling me back in years to come for all your financial

The majority of my work is repeat business and referrals from my past customers.
For me, this is the greatest complement of all!!