Gary Couet

Position: Mortgage Associate

The Mortgage Centre is the only place you can access the Mortgage Market. As your independent Mortgage Specialist at The Mortgage Centre in your area, I offer a unique level of service that makes shopping the Mortgage Market easy! Here’s how it works. When you’re ready to secure financing for a home purchase, simply call me. I’ll meet with you to discuss the details of the transaction and your financing requirements. I’ll provide you with unbiased advice and act as your personal mortgage consultant. In the vast majority of cases, my services will cost you nothing, since I’m paid by the member institutions of the Mortgage Market. Next, I’ll complete your electronic mortgage application form on my computer. At the push of a button, I’ll send your application to the members of the Mortgage Market. Every lender will see your application and reply to it. This puts you in the “power” position, while Canada’s leading lenders compete for your mortgage. Let me help you turn the tables on mortgage lenders! Just give me a call and I’ll help you choose the absolute best mortgage the industry has to offer – with precisely the rates, terms and options you’re looking for. I make shopping for a mortgage fast, easy and efficient.

Click here to download my Mortgage Centre mobile app. (Mortgage calculator and more)